El Pais
Julian Assange was filmed skateboarding inside the Ecuadorian embassy where he lived for the past seven years
El Pais
The WikiLeaks founder was said to have
tested the staff's patience with his adolescent antics - and a security firm even claims he spied on employees

He can be seen wearing a pair of shorts and a vest in the surreal images, obtained by .

The clip comes after a security firm revealed spied on officials during his seven-year stay inside the embassy.

Audio recording devices were found in the area where he lived between 2012 and .

He would turn on the taps in his quarters so the sound of running water would prevent British intelligence and the Ecuadorians listening to what he was saying, security company Undercover Global S.L. revealed.


The famous hacker is now facing charges in America for "conspiracy to commit computer intrusion" after he leaked secret government files in 2010.

Since he was dramatically hauled from the embassy last week, strange stories have been emerging about his behaviour while he stayed there under asylum status.

Staff complained about him riding his skateboard on the polished floors, as well as playing football and generally being untidy.

He was also said to stage "dirty protests" in which he would stuff his underpants down the toilet and leave unwashed dishes in the kitchen.

And employees said they were annoyed by him playing loud music at night.

It was even claimed his cat was taken away from the embassy because he didn't look after it.


Assange's lawyer, Jennifer Robinson, said today that claims he smeared poo on the embassy walls weren't true.

Ms Robinson told Sky News: "The first thing to say is Ecuador has been making some outrageous allegations. It's a difficult situation.

"Ecuador has made these allegations to justify the unlawful and extraordinary act of letting police come inside an embassy."



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When asked about the truthfulness of certain allegations, Robinson said: "That's not true."

She also said Assange went into the embassy in 2012 to avoid "US injustice" rather than justice in Sweden.

Robinson claims her client "has cooperated with the Swedish investigation" into allegations of rape and sexual misconduct.

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Assange was arrested on Thursday and he now faces extradition to the US

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